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Part-time jobs

Message par TillyHaig le Dim 18 Mar - 11:19

My name is Tilly Haig and I'm 14 years old. Today I'm going to talk about my experience in part-time work and what I think about part-time jobs.
I have already had a work experience for a week but I have never had a part-time job.
I have done odd jobs to earn pocket money such as babysitting and house work.
I am for part-time jobs because I've always wanted to have a job. I like the thought of being independent. I also think that part-time jobs are good because even though you are working, you still have some time to study. Although you work after school, weekends and during the holidays, in the end you earn some money so it's worth it.
Even if you work late and get tired, working is an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and help people.
Finally, I think that working gives you a sense of responsibility.

Thank you


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