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part-time jobs

Message par Elirose_Duchemin le Dim 18 Mar - 15:00

HI,my name is Elirose, I'm 14 and this is about my experience in part-time jobs.

SO,actually I've never done a real part-time job because I don't really need the pocket money that you earn, and the reason of that is because of my grand-mother, she's so kind so she all the time give money to my sister and I when she come to see us, and we see her something like 2 times during an all year  so...
And my parents bought me what I need, and sometimes what I want but sometimes.
But actually I've already help my parents at the Chaudron(restaurant) as a waiter and then I earn some money.
HO and I remenber, I think it was 2 years ago, I've done some babysittingfor my cousin, and it was believe me, really stressful because the baby(her name is Gabrielle) was crying ALL THE TIME and I was like " I don't know what to do" So YES stressful.

But this summer I'm going to try the part-time jobs for real...

Adventages of part-time jobs: Wink
-It's helpful for the person you work for
-You can meet new poples
-You could disover/learn some new thing
-You can earn pocket money
-And then buy yourself some gift  

Disadventages of part-time jobs:
-It can be boring, disgusting, repetitive...
-You can also meet nasty/mean peoples

But of course I'm for part-time jobs because of all the advantages I give before !

Bye,Bye Have a nice day


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